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"Maryna's zumba class is super fun, and a great cardio workout! She is a great dancer and I love her energy."

Tara C.

Magenta Dance Place -it's a big hall, professional trainers, a great place to get bright emotions, a flexible body and positive energy.

I highly recommend it!


"Sergiy takes tremendous pride in his studio and the students who learn there. He wants them to feel good about themselves and to learn the essence of ballroom dancing. He draws from his 2+ decades as a professional ballroom dancer. He teaches more than just the steps. His dance philosophy radiates from him as he explains the technique required to take it to the next level. I love my lessons with him and would recommend any one of his classes. He has the most positive attitude. I always leave with a smile."

Stacy K.

"This is a very special place where everyone is welcome no matter your dance experience.

The events are phenomenal with beautiful decorations, great music and awesome prizes! My family has attended the Halloween triple party and the Salsa Dance Social since the grand opening and had so much fun with old and new friends alike. Looking forward to more joyous moments at Magenta!"

Karen I.

"Great place! We are doing bachata and salsa classes with Dior at the evening.

It’s a breath of fresh air, way to recover at the end of the day, reconnect with friends and learn something new.

Highly recommended! Looking forward to meeting new dance partners :)"

Julia P.

Magenta dance studio is simply magical and high vibe! Love it!

"I hope our community can appreciate having Magenta as a resource and entertainment place as much as I do."

Stacy K.

"Love is in the air! The classes inspire even broken and damaged bodies.

Old or young, weak or strong doesn’t matter.

Happiness is just one step away. Come and join us. :)"

Jackie Fitch

"Very spacious and at convenient location. Awesome trainer, very accommodating and professional.

M glad I found this and has been a part of it 😊.

I highly recommend this place to people who are looking for a perfect place to sweat and have some fun !!"

Arpita Kulkarni

Sergiy Georgiyev

Phenomenal world class dancer and teacher!!! Brilliant artistry with total awareness of body.

Truly World Class!

SO grateful that this level of dancing/teaching is in Acton!

Tara C.

"Sergiy has been an outstanding coach for all 3 of my daughters for many years. His teachings go far beyond excellent dance instruction to provide life long skills to all his students because he cares so deeply about the whole person: physically, mentally & spiritually."

Karen I.

Love attending latin solo dance classes! Not only the studio itself is so beautiful, spacious and welcoming, but also instructors are exceptional! It's so nice to come and relax after a busy day and change the settings by doing something so fun and what you love - dancing! Dancing in a great company. Highly recommend! Join the club!

Kristina L.

Magenta Dance Place is a dance studio with a beautiful ballroom. Rent our ballroom for your special occasion!

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